Find out the latest news about Tyrone "The King of Ring" Spong, the youngest experienced fighter out there.
Tyrone Spong back in the cage
Oct 16, 2015 It has been more than two years ago that Tyrone saw the inside of a fighting cage. The last time was August 2013 where he defeated Angel DeAnda in a...
Tyrone Spong second KO victory
Mar 25, 2015 March 6 is the date that Mike Tyson made his professional debut in 1985 and won his fight by KO in the first round just like his second fight....
Tyrone Spong wins boxing debut
Mar 11, 2015 The King of the Ring finally was back in a boxing ring after almost a year being sidelined after his horrible injury. While recovering from his...
Tyrone Spong seminars
Jan 2, 2015 Tyrone Spong will hold three seminars in Holland, the place where he was raised. He will visit the south of Holland on January 8 and on saturday...


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