About Tyrone Spong

Tyrone Clinton was born in Paramarbio, Suriname on 3 september 1985
He was raised in the beautiful nature of Suriname. When he was 5 years old he moved with his mother and his sisters to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

When he was 12 years old he went to school and graduated when he was 15 years. On his 18e year he received his dimploma in businnes. His time went to his training and real soon he knew he wanted to be a sportsman and focused on his love, kickboxing. It was not an easy decision as it's real hard to make money out of the sport kickboxing. Only the elite have the possiblity to earn a living just fighting.

On a very young age Tyrone was fasinated about martial arts and started at age 8 with Taekwondo lessons by his teacher master Kim Young Kook. He learned soon the meaning of discpline and respect. At the age of 15 years he met legendary trainer Lucien Carbin (F.F.C.). Lucien developed Tyrone Spong and gave him the right bagage to became the best fighter in the world. He won multiple titles in different weight classes. He started at 76kg and won all the belts out there and even on 84kg he was champion. His biggest challenge was to fight with the 'big' boys, the heavyweights. To make enough money to make your dream come true you need to be where the biggest paycheck is and that's the famous K-1 crown.

With his new team he started the process in getting bigger and stronger. His headcoach is Harry Hooft and Ernesto Hoost and his strenght and conditioning and mental coach Rayen Bindraban. He went on beating many fighters but had a tough year in 2009/2010 where he lost to Gokhan Saki, Jerome LeBanner and Alistair Overeem. Although he lost those fights he showed it's a matter of time to beat them, his grow as a fighter showed in each fight. In 2011/2012 he has a winning streak of 4 fights winning against Melvin Manhoef and Peter Aerts.

Tyrone moved with his family to Florida to join Glenn Robinson's Authentic Sports Management (ASM). He's surrounded by big M.M.A. stars that want to work with Tyrone in the standup. Tyrone consider himself an athlete and he want to show the world, he's a fighter. So his dream is become heavyweight kickboxing fighter and champion in M.M.A., so at the moment it's not certain what his next step is going to be.

Notable titles

2008 1st It's Showtime World 95MAX champion
2008 W.F.C.A. Thaiboxing World Cruiserweight champion
2008 KO World Series '08 Oceania winner
2007 1st SLAMM Events 79 kg class champion
2005 A1 World League winner
2005 W.P.K.L. European Middleweight champion
2004 W.K.N. Thaiboxing European Middleweight champion
M.T.B.N. Muay Thai Dutch Junior class -66 kg class champion


68 Wins (42 (T)KO's, 25 decisions), 6 Losses (3 (T)KO's, 3 decisions), 1 Draw, 1 No Contest[hide]

Date Result Opponent Event Location Method
2012-06-30 Win Peter Aerts It's Showtime 57 & 58 Brussels, Belgium TKO
2012-01-28 Win Melvin Manhoef It's Showtime 2012 Leeuwarden, Netherlands Decision
2011-06-18 Win Loren Javier Jorge It's Showtime Madrid 2011 Madrid, Spain Decision
2011-05-14 Win Igor Mihaljevic It's Showtime 2011 Lyon, France KO
2010-12-11 Loss Alistair Overeem K-1 World GP 2010 Final Tokyo,Japan Decision
2010-10-02 Win Ray Sefo K-1 World GP 2010 Final 16 Seoul,Korea Decision
2010-04-03 Loss Jerome Le Banner K-1 World GP 2010 Yokohama, Japan Decision
2009-12-05 Win Keijiro Maeda K-1 World GP 2009 Final Yokohama, Japan Decision
2009-06-27 NC Nathan Corbett Champions of Champions II Montego Bay, Jamaica No contest
2009-05-16 Win Attila Karacs It's Showtime 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision
2009-03-28 Loss Gökhan Saki K-1 World GP 2009 Yokohama, Japan KO
2009-01-24 Win Samir Benazzous Beast of the East Zutphen Netherlands TKO
2008-11-29 Win Zabit Samedov It's Showtime 2008 Eindhoven, Netherlands Decision
2008-10-05 Win Gary Turner K.O. Events Rotterdam, Netherlands TKO
2008-04-26 Win Azem Maksutaj K-1 World GP 2008 = Amsterdam, Netherlands KO
2008-03-15 Win Ondrej Hutnik It's Showtime 75MAX , 's-Hertogenbosch= KO
2008-02-09 Win Nikos Sokolis KO World Series 2008 Auckland, New Zealand KO
2008-02-09 Win Chad Walker KO World Series 2008 Auckland, New Zealand KO
2008-01-26 Win Aurelien Duarte Beast of the East Zutphen,Netherlands Decision
2007-12-24 Win Rasmus Zoeylner Return of the King 2 Paramaribo, Suriname KO
2007-10-27 Win Emil Zoraj One Night in Bangkok Antwerp, Belgium TKO
2007-08-26 Win Human Nikmaslak Return of the King 1 Paramaribo, Suriname KO
2007-06-02 Win Dmitry Shakuta Gentleman Fight Night IV Tilburg, Netherlands Decision
2007-05-06 Win Yodchai "Nederland vs Thailand III"Haarlem, Netherlands TKO
2007-03-25 Loss Amir Zeyada Rings Gala, Vechtsenbanen Utrecht, Netherlands TKO
2006-11-12 Win Joerie Mes Pride & Honor Ahoy 2006 Rotterdam, Netherlands TKO
2006-10-01 Win Kaoklai Kaennorsing "Nederland vs Thailand II" Almere, Netherlands KO
2006-06-18 Win Sem Braan 2H2H The Road To Tokyo Amsterdam, Netherlands KO
2006-06-03 Win Henry Akdeniz Gentleman Fight Night 3 Tilburg, Netherlands TKO
2006-05-06 Win Farid M'Laika Gala de Kickboxing Geneva, Switzerland Decision
2006-04-29 Win Cho In Jun MARS World Fighting GP Seoul, Korea KO
2005-12-03 Win Senol Kiziltas A-1 Combat League Duisburg, Germany TKO
2005-12-03 Win Senol Cetin A-1 Combat League Duisburg, Germany TKO
2005-12-03 Win Rene Litchko A-1 Combat League Duisburg, Germany KO
2005-10-09 Win Vincent Vielvoye Rotterdam Rumble Rotterdam, Netherlands Decision
2005-05-08 Win Younnes el Hamsani Muay Thai Gala Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision
2005-04-09 Win Mohammed Ouali Muay Thai Champions XIV Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision
2004-12-23 Win Renato Hasset The Night of Legend Paramaribo, Suriname KO
2004-11-14 Win Richard Weston Muay Thai/Mixed Fight Almere, Netherlands KO
2004-10-17 Win Rafi Zoufeir Battle in Zaandam II Zaandam, Netherlands TKO
2004-04-18 Loss Ryuji Goto Shoot boxing: Infinty-S Vol.2 Tokyo, Japan Decision
2004-03-21 Win Hamid El Caid Profighters Gala in Almere Almere, Netherlands Decision
2004-02-22 Win William Diender 2H2H Rotterdam, Netherlands Decision
2003-11-12 Draw Younnes el Hamsani Veni, Vidi, Vici II Veenendaal, Netherlands Decision
2003-11-02 Win Xavier Gatez Immortality Amsterdam, Netherlands KO
2003-10-13 Win Rocky Grandjean 2H2H in Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands TKO
2003-07-04 Win Gregory Costina Baas Sports Willemstad, Curaçao TKO
2003-05-18 Win Melvin Rozenblad Killerdome III Amsterdam, Netherlands Decision
2003-04-19 Win Henry Akendiz Beast of The East Zutphen, Netherlands TKO
2003-04-13 Win Jan van Denderen East Side III Gorinchem, Netherlands Decision
2003-02-02 Win Harry Lodewijks Killerdome II Amsterdam, Netherlands KO
2003-01-11 Win Tarik Slimani Dudok Arena Hilversum, Netherlands n/a
2002-10-27 Win Ray Staring Beast of The East Arnhem, Netherlands Decision
2002-05-19 Loss Amir Zeyada Itai-Te Promotions, Amsterdam, Netherlands KO
2002-03-08 Win Dave van der Ploeg Beast of The East Zutphen, Netherlands Decision
2002-03-03 Win Olli Koch Loasana Promotions, Groningen, Netherlands KO
2001-09-22 Win Werner Stoel Champions Gym Gala Geleen, Netherlands Decision