Tyrone Spong wins boxing debut

Mar 11, 2015: The King of the Ring finally was back in a boxing ring after almost a year being sidelined after his horrible injury. While recovering from his injury Tyrone started boxing and is now finally made his boxing debut. It’s no secret Tyrone wanted to box for a long time as he’s training with Pedro Diaz for more than two years now. The waiting is over and now he can show off his skills in a real boxing match.
Alongside his trainer Pedro Diaz, Richard Colon and his son Prichard Colon they travelled to Germany to train, eat and sleep for a whole month in the hope to fight as many times as he could. His first fight was March 6 in Berlin and KO’ed his opponent Gabor Farkas in the first round via brutal overhand right.

Although Gabor Farkas might not be the biggest name in boxing it’s still very good that he now has a 1-0 boxing record and can look forward in making his second appearance as soon as possible. His next fight is already booked on March 21 in Wuppertal near Dusseldorf.