Mar 18, 2016: Tyrone Spong has expressed his desire to go into boxing many times and he finally got his third boxing match. It’s not very easy for a world class kickboxer that has won multiple world championship belts in his craft to get opponents that are willing to fight him in a boxing match.

Spong is pretty new to the sport of boxing but his experience in combat sports is something he can use well in boxing but getting the right opportunity isn’t always that easy. Well, this weekend he got his opportunity and even a step up in competition. The Russian based promotion Akhmat is doing great things for combat sports in general. They have hold several M.M.A. events and had some big marquee kickboxing fights with Badr Hari and Samedov for example.


Now Akhmat is hosting a big boxing event with a heavyweight world title fight between Ruslan Chagaev and Lucas Browne. Chagaev and Spong share the same trainer Pedro Diaz and the together they travelled to Grozny to be part of this big sporting event. Spong faced David Gogishvili a undefeated heavyweight out of Georgia. He holds a professional record of 12-0 and facing someone with an undefeated record always gives that extra motivation to do well.


Spong started the first round a bit slow trying to find his range, timing and rhythm. In the second round he was pushing the action a bit more and it was right then that Gogishvili was in trouble and got hit with a big right hand over the top. Gogishvili went down and wasn’t able to beat the count and Spong got his third straight KO victory, this time it took him one round more.


In the main event we saw a upset as teammate Chagaev lost his world title against the aussie Lucas Browne. He got stopped in the 10th round while being a head on the score cards but with these big heavyweights one punch can end the fight and that was what happened to Chagev. Let’s hope that Spong can get in the boxing ring soon and that Chagaev  can redeem himself and get his WBA world title back.